About Us

Who is Nest & Nook?

We believe you enjoy yourself more when your conscience is clear

Nest & Nook’s timeless designs and outstanding quality products center around feeling good surrounded by loved ones in your amazing dining room and patio.

We believe that you, our Nest & Nook customer, have a big conscience, and we don’t want you to feel guilty for splurging on our luxurious products.

On the contrary, we want you to feel 100% proud about it.

That is our ethical promise: we will ensure that your purchase with Nest & Nook is a good deed. Because, just like you, we want to protect the planet and help those who live on it.


Our Story

One start-up supports other entrepreneurs

I originally started Nest & Nook in 2017 as my new business adventure, to bring beautiful products into the world.

However, I realized that I want to give much more to the world.

I had access to funds to start Nest & Nook, but in impoverished communities many talented entrepreneurs don’t have the funds. What they need is a micro-loan and business skills.

So, from our humble beginnings, I have made it part of Nest & Nook’s core values that 5% of our profits will go towards such micro-loans.

It won’t be long before we start a score-board on this website: as soon as we’ve made our first profit and provided our first micro-loan. If you would like to know when the score-board’s gone live, just register to receive our newsletter.

Our Ethical Promise

Nest & Nook is a force for good

All our packaging is recyclable, and either made of already recycled material, or material that is sourced from 100% well-managed forests.

All factories in our network have signed up to the international labor standards, which protect workers’ rights and reassure us that all workers enjoy fair labor conditions.

5% of Nest & Nook’s profits goes to micro-loans for the poorest people in Asia Pacific’s rural communities, enabling them to run a small business and support their family and their village.

So, while you are lapping up your friends’ compliments, you can feel extra good!

Charity - Good Return

The charity Good Return connects Nest & Nook with working poor to provide them with a small loan so they can start or expand a small business and support their family and their village.

Good Return, an independent, registered Public Benevolent Institution, addresses poverty issues in the Asia Pacific region through a range of microfinance, literacy and livelihood programs to ensure long-term benefits to these families and their communities.

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